Iris Mary Caroline Bonham (10 August 1906 - 26 March 1987) (née Dean).

Born in Birmingham she was the daughter of Stanley Dean and Ethel Mary née Lovegrove. She moved to London where she married the journalist John Bonham Pigg in 1934 in St Pancras.

In March 1946 she made her first attempt to enter local politics as a Labour Party candidate for Holborn at the London County Council elections, but was not elected.

In December 1946 her husband renounced the surname "Pigg" by deed poll and so she became Mrs Iris Bonham.[1]

Labour Party member of the London County Council 1948-9 for St Pancras South East, and 1949-58 St Pancras North. She was also a member of St Pancras Borough Council.

Labour Party member of the Greater London Council: Hammersmith and Fulham June 18, 1964 – 1967 and 1970 – 1973; Hammersmith North 1973 – 1977

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