Colonel Sir Charles Edward Howard Vincent 31 May 1849 – 7 April 1908.

From 1878-1884 he was Director of Criminal Investigation at the Metropolitan Police Force, and sat as Liberal Party member of parliament for the Yorkshire constituency of Sheffield Central from 1885 until his death.

He was briefly a member of the Metropolitan Board of Works, representing the Vestry of St George Hanover Square from 1888 until the board's abolition in the following year. He was elected to the successor London County Council in January 1889, serving as a Moderate Party councillor for St George's Hanover Square until he resigned on 18 February 1896.

He also commanded two different units of the Volunteer Force 40th Middlesex Rifle Volunteer Corps (Central London Rangers) from 1875–78 and the 13th Middlesex (Queen's) Volunteer Rifle Corps from 1884-1904. 

Articles in Wikipedia [1] and Dictionary of National Biography.

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