Henry Ward (1849 - 6 March 1936) was a civil engineer and long-serving member of the London County Council.

Born in Lambeth, he was educared at King's College London and was admitted as a Member of the Institute of Civil Engineers in 1883.

He was a Progressive Party member of the county council for thirty-three years. In 1892 he was elected as a county councillor representing Shoreditch, Hoxton and was re-elected four times. In 1907 he became an alderman, from 1913-19 sat as a councillor for Shoreditch, Haggerston and from 1919-25 for Shoreditch. He retired at the 1925 election, being "Father of the Council".

For thirty years he was a member of the Metropolitan Water Board.

At the 1906 General Election he was the Liberal Party candidate at Shoreditch, Hoxton but was not elected to the House of Commons.

Some details of a ship named after him here [1]

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