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Dr Henry Robinson (1877 - 30 September 1960) was a medical practitioner and politician in the Kensington area of London.[1]

The eldest son of Sir Richard Robinson, he qualified in medicine and was a well known supporter of medical charities.[1]

During the Second Boer War he served in South Africa in the Suffolk Regiment. In the First World War he held a commission in the Royal Army Medical Corps.

He entered local politics as a member of Kensington Borough Council, and was Mayor of Kensington in 1928-1929 and 1929-1930.

In 1931 he was elected to the London County Council as one of two Municipal Reform Party councillors representing Kensington North.[2] He held the seat in 1934[3] but was defeated in 1937 when both North Kensington seats were won by the Labour Party.[4]

He held the offices of Justice of the Peace and Deputy Lieutenant of the County of London.

Laid the foundation stone of The Three Hierarchs Church [1].


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