George William Osborn (June 1844 - November 1924) was a businessman and politician.[1]

The son of George William Osborn of Gravesend. Kent, he was born in Chelsea and entered business as a wallpaper manufacturer. He took an interest in local politics, and was elected to the Chelsea Vestry and was chairman of the Chelsea Library Commissioners.[1] He was president of the Chelsea Liberal Association in 1888, and was nominated to contest the first elections to the London County Council.[2] Although a prominent Liberal, Osborn declared that he was running as a non-political candidate, and also received the support of the Conservative Party.[3] When the elections were held in January 1889, Osborn was elected as one of two councillors representing Chelsea, alongside William Aeneas Smith.[4] Both Chelsea councillors took their seats as members of the majority Progressive Party. Osborn served a single three-year term on the council, retiring at the 1892 election.[5]

Osborn had moved to a villa in Heathfield, East Sussex in 1888. Following his retirement from London politics, he served as chairman of the local parish council, and from 1898 on East Sussex County Council. He was also a justice of the peace and deputy lieutenant for Sussex.[1]

Some details of his archives here [2].


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