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Sir George Samuel Elliott (1847 - 4 May 1925) was a businessman and politician.[1][2][3]

Born in Islington, he was educated at the City of London School and entered business as a refreshment contractor with premises at Upper Street.[1][3] In 1875 he was elected to Islington Vestry. He subsequently became a member of the Islington Board of Guardians: during his 38 years membership he was chairman for 20 years and vice-chairman for 9.[1][2]

When the first elections to the London County Council were held in January 1889, Elliott was elected as one of two councillors representing Islington South.[4] Originally a member of the Liberal-backed Progressive Party, he was re-elected in 1892 and 1895.[5][6] There was some doubt as to his party allegiance by the time of the 1898 election: as a Unionist he was seen as being aligned to the Conservative supported opposition Moderate Party, although he was nominated by the Progressives.[7] He was later described as an "Independent Progressive", and at the 1901 election was returned unopposed, taking the Moderate whip.[8] He stood at the 1904 council election as an independent, but was defeated.[9]

Elliott was elected to the Islington Borough Council as a Conservative, and was thirteen times mayor of Islington: in 1902/03, from 1906–09, and from 1910–18.[1][2][3] As mayor during the First World War he was largely responsible for raising the 21st (Service) Battalion (Islington), The Middlesex Regiment.[1][2][10] He was knighted in 1917.[1][3][11]

At the 1918 general election he was elected as Coalition Conservative member of parliament for Islington West.[1][2][3] He retired from parliament at the next general election in 1922.

He married Elizabeth Frances Hellier, Upottery, Devon and the couple had six children.[1][2] He died suddenly at his home "The Chalkpit", Maidenhead, Berkshire, in 1925. He was buried at Abney Park Cemetery.[2]


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