George Pearce Blizard (1870-1947) was a Labour Party politician.

Born in Gloucestershire, he trained as an accountant. In 1906 he was appointed chief superintendent of the life department of the General, Accident Fire and Life Society and moved to London, settling in Putney. He became a member of the Fabian Society and in 1913 he was a Progressive Party candidate at the London County Council election at Tower Hamlets, Whitechapel. He did not win a seat and moved from the Liberal-aligned Progressives to the emerging Labour Party and was honorary secretary of the Labour Research Department during the First World War.

He became active in the Labour Party, standing unsuccessfully at the 1918 general election at Wandsworth Central. In 1919 and 1922 he stood for election to the London County Council, again at Wandsworth Central and again without success on both occasions.

Blizard worked in the 1920s as parliamentary agent for a number of syndicates seeking to build motorways and in 1925 became secretary of London and South Coast Motorways Limited.

At the 1929 general election he stood at Gillingham in Kent and at the 1931 general election he stood for parliament at Thornbury in his native Gloucestershire.

In 1934 he again tried to win seat on the London County Council. Narrowly failing to gain the seat of Kensington North. The Labour Party gained control of the county council, however, and he was selected to become an alderman. Due to the Second World War his six-year term of office was extended to 1946. He was a member of the Socialist Health Association and became chairman of the LCC Hospitals and Medical Services Committee in 1935 [1].


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