Born 24 May 1866, Poltavam died 13 September 1946.

Municipal Reform Party member of the London County Council 1910 1913 1919 for Greenwich (knighted 1924) and Alderman 1922 - 1928, 1928 - 1934. Chairman 1926 – 1927.

Worked in Siemens Brothers; called to the bar at Middle Temple. November 1900 Elected as Moderate (later Municipal Reform Party) for Charlton ward to Greenwich Borough Council.

1913 appointed Chairman LCC of Highways Committee. 1918 succeeded Ronald Collet Norman as Municipal Reform leader, and thus led the council. 1922-46 County Alderman. 1924 knighted. 1925 resigned as council leader. MP 1922-3, 1924-9, 1931-45. Also involved in the London and Home Counties Traffic Advisory Committee, the Thames Conservancy Board and the London and Home Counties Joint Electricity Authority in which capacity May 1914 he presided over a ceremony to commission new turbines at the Greenwich Power Station of the London County Council Tramways.

Articles in Wikipedia [1], Who’s Who

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