George Benson Clough (1855-1925) was a barrister, educationist and local politician.

Born in Scarborough, Yorkshire, he was called to the bar at the Inner Temple.

He divided his time between London and Brighton on the Sussex coast.

In 1891 he was elected to the London School Board as one of the representatives for the Finsbury Division. A member of the Moderate Party on the board that promoted denominational schools, he was re-elected for a second three-year term in 1894. At the 1897election he stood down from the board.

Active in the Conservative Party, Clough was a member of Brighton Town Council and Brighton School Board.

He also made three unsuccessful attempts to win a seat on the London County Council at Islington North. In 1905 he was chosen by the Conservatives as their candidate for the Lancashire constituency of Radcliffe-cum-Farnworth, but he failed to win the seat at the 1906 general election.

He retired to Oxshott, Surrey, where he died aged 70.

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