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George Belt (1866-1930) was a Labour activist and politician.

Born in Hull, Yorkshire, Belt was a bricklayer's labourer. He became a full-time organiser for the Independent Labour Party in Hull. He was dismissed from his post following the exposure of an affair with a married woman.

By 1903 he had moved to London and was a dockers' union organiser. In 1906 he was chosen as a candidate by the Labour Representation Committee to contest Hammersmith at the general election of that year. In 1923 he made a second unsuccessful attempt to enter parliament at Hartlepool..

In 1922 he was a Labour Party candidate for the London County Council, but failed to win a seat as a councillor for Bethnal Green North East. In 1925 he stood again and won the seat, but was defeated at the 1928 council election.

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