Captain George Alexander Hardy (29 December 1851 - 2 October 1920) was a businessman and Liberal Party politician.

Born in Islington, he moved to South London. He was President of the South East London Free Church Council, chairman of the Dulwich Society of Public Morality and a member of the London Missionary Society. By the time of the 1881 he was the head of a mantle manufacturing business employing 70 men, and living in Deptford St Nicholas. He was a member of the Greenwich Vestry and from 1900 of Camberwell Borough Council.

By 1901 he had moved to Denmark Hill. From 1901-07 he sat as a Progressive Party member of the London County Council representing Camberwell, Dulwich.

In 1906 he was elected to the House of Commons as member of parliament for Stowmarket, Suffolk. He lost his parliamentary seat at the January 1910 general election.

In 1913 he made a return to the London County Council. Having failed to win a seat at Tower Hamlets, Stepney he was chosen as an alderman, a post he held until his death.

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