Gareth John Daniel (born 1954) is a former Labour Party politician and former Chief Executive of Brent Council.

Educated in Liverpool and Oxford University (where he was President of the Student Union for the 1974-1975), he moved to West London in 1976 and started work as a social worker for Ealing Council. He moved to the Social Services Department of Brent Council in 1986, became head of the Corporate Policy, Planning and Projects Team in 1990 and Chief Executive in 1998. He was involved in the planning of the 2012 Summer Olympics.[1] He resigned from the post after fourteen years in 2012.[2]

He was elected to the Greater London Council to represent Ealing North in 1981, holding the seat until the council's abolition. In that year he was elected to Ealing Borough Council as a councillor for Dormer's Wells Ward. He served a single term and did not contest the next borough elections in 1990.


More information here [1].