Portrait from "The Graphic", 12 May 1888.

Frederick Moore Wenborn
(1835 - 9 August 1918) was a local politician and volunteer officer.

Born in West Smithfield, he became resident in De Beauvoir Town, entering business as an accountant and estate agent.

In 1872 he obtained a commission as an ensign in the 10th Tower Hamlets Rifle Volunteer Corps, rising to the rank of honorary colonel in 1888, and receiving the Volunteer Decoration in 1892. From the 1880s he was a member of the Shoreditch Vestry and in November 1885 was elected by the vestry to be a member of the Metropolitan Board of Works.

When the Metropolitan Board was abolished in favour of an elected London County Council in 1889, Wenborn was a Moderate Party candidate at Haggerston, but was not elected.

Wenborn remained a member of Shoreditch Vestry until it was abolished in 1900. The vestries and district boards that had been formed in 1855 were replaced by Metropolitan boroughs, and he was elected as a Unionist member of Islington Borough Council, holding his seat until 1912, by which time he was a member of the Municipal Reform Party.

He died in 1918 and was buried at Abney Park Cemetery.

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