Major-General Francis John Moberly (27 December 1825 – 26 January 1898) was a British Army officer and educationist.

The son of Colonel Henry Moberly of the East India Company's Madras Army, he joined the Royal Engineers in 1844, attached to the Madras Army. He rose through the ranks, reaching the rank of major general in 1878, retiring on half pay in the same year.

He returned to England, where he took an interest in education, particularly of blind, deaf, dumb and mentally handicapped children. In 1885 he was elected to the London School Board as one of the representatives of the Marylebone Division, elected as a "Moderate". He served as chairman of the board's Public Works Committee, and at times found himself at odds with the leader of the Moderate Party on the board, Joseph Diggle. This eventually came to a head at the 1897 school board elections, where Moberly defeated Diggle at Marylebone running as an "Independent Moderate".

He died suddenly while walking along Piccadilly on his way home from a school board committee meeting.


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