A page for 'long journeys' entirely by bus.

Further examples welcome.

Across London, north-west to south-east.

Watford: route 142 to Brent Cross. Then by bus to Oxford Circus, from which there are a number of buses to Holborn, from which route 188 goes to North Greenwich. From North Greenwich there are two buses to Bexleyheath, from which route 96 goes to Bluewater.

An alternative route would be from Borehamwood to Edgware - from which buses go to Brent Cross.

Round London:

From Edgware a bus goes to Turnpike Lane. The 444 goes to Chingford, from which a bus goes to Stratford. Thence to Lewisham where a bus goes to Croydon and thence to either Tooting or Morden both of which have buses to Kingston. The no 65 bus goes to Ealing from where the 113 goes to Brent Cross - and thence back to Edgware.

The Number 11 bus goes straight along The Strand and Fleet Street and connects up with many tourist sights. There's a little download, which gives the details. It also goes through parts of Chelsea and Highgate Cemetery.

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