Evan Evans (8 November 1882 - 24 July 1965) was a Welsh-born businessman and local politician active in the St Pancras area.

Born in Cardiganshire, he moved to London aged 15 to work in a dairy in Marylebone owned by his cousin. He was a Welsh speaker and attended night classes in order to become fluent in English. Within five years he was in business on his own account, eventually owning a dairy, farm, hotel and a car sales business. His name lives on in Evan Evans Tours Limited, established in 1930.[1]

In 1922 he was elected to St Pancras Borough Council, and remained a member, as a councillor or alderman, until 1959. He served as Mayor of St Pancras from 1939-41. He was also a Municipal Reform Party member of the London County Council representing St Pancras South East from 1931-34. He was granted the freedom of the City of London in 1946.


  1. "Evan Evans Tours is London's longest running sightseeing tour operator, and have been showing visitors around London since 1930." Evan Evans Tours.