Frederick Ernest Wotton Collard (1852-1909) was a businessman and local politician.

A hop factor with business premises in Southwark, in 1876 Collard bought his partner out to establish Ernest Collard and Company Limited.[1]

When the first elections to the London County Council were scheduled for January 1889, the Conservative Party chose Collard to contest the Deptford Division.[2] Although supported by the Conservatives he was described in The Times as the "non-political candidate of the Combined Ratepayers Association".[3] He confirmed that he would be running on "non-political lines" and was in favour of the county council taking over the water supply of the capital, the licensing of public houses and the provision of free markets and open spaces.[4] Collard was elected and joined the Conservative-backed minority Moderate Party grouping on the council.[5] Shortly before the end of his three year term he indicated that he would not be standing for re-election.[6]

By 1897 Collard's business had failed, and he was adjudged bankrupt.[7] He died in 1909, aged 57.[8]


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