Edwin Thomas Lamerton (31 March 1892 - 2 August 1966) was a Labour Party politician in the Woolwich area.

Born in St Helier, Jersey, he was the son of Thomas J and Alice E Lamerton. His father was a seaman, working for the London and South Western Railway Company, which operated a ferry service to the Channel Islands. By the time of the 1911 census he was working as a cab driver on the island.

By 1923 he was living in Eltham, in the Metropolitan Borough of Woolwich and was elected to Woolwich Borough Council in 1928. He served as Mayor of Woolwich in 1944-45.

In 1946 he was elected to the London County Council to represent Woolwich West, winning a seat from the Conservative Party. He did not defend the seat at the next county council election in 1949.

He was a leading member of the National Builders' Labourers and Constructional Workers' Union, and was their delegate to a number of Labour Party conferences in the 1950s.

He died at Brook Hospital, Greenwich, aged 74.

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