Reverend Edward Schnadhorst (1830-27 October 1913) was a Congregational minister in the East End of London.

Born in Birmingham, he was educated at King Edward School there. Early in his life worked as a manufacturing chemist, and due to his innovative work was able to live off the proceeds of his patents for the rest of his life.

He became a Congregationalist minister and moved to Bow in London: for fifty years he was minister of North Bow Congregational Church which he built with his own funds. He retired in 1907.

He was elected to the London School Board, serving as a member for the Tower Hamlets Division from 1891 until the board's abolition in 1904.

His brother, Francis Schnadhorst (1840-1900), was a prominent Liberal Party politician (Wikipedia page [1]).

Some information here [2].

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