Edward Pascoe Williams (1851-10 December 1923) was a local politician in the Greenwich area.

Born in Lancashire, he was educated at Owens College, Manchester. He moved to Blackheath, becoming manager of Merryweather & Sons, fire engine manufacturers, Greenwich.

He was a prominent member of the Congregational church, serving as chairman of the Congregational Union.

He was involved in politics, serving as vice-president of the Greenwich Liberal Association, and was a member of the Greenwich Vestry.

When the Metropolitan Borough of Greenwich was formed in 1900, he became an alderman, and was Mayor of Greenwich in 1905-06.

He was a member of the London School Board for two years: from March 1902 when he was co-opted to fill a casual vacancy in the representation of Greenwich until the board was abolished in 1904. The London County Council took over the responsibilities of the school board, and Pascoe Williams unsuccessfully sought election to the council as a Progressive Party candidate.

In 1913 he retired from his position at Merryweather & Sons, dying 10 years later.

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