Edward John Hutchins (27 December 1809 – 11 February 1876) was a Welsh-born businessman, Liberal Party politician and lobbyist for the rights of Roman Catholics.

Educated at Charterhouse School and St John's College, Cambridge, Hutchins served as a member of parliament on two occasions: for the Cornish seat of Penryn and Falmouth from 1840-1841 and for the Hampshire seat of Lymington from 1850 - 1857.

He subsequently moved to London, and in 1870 was part of a Catholic Lobby group concerning the Education Bill.[1] The bill became the Education Act 1870, which created a directly-elected London School Board (LSB). Huthchins was elected to the LSB representing Marylebone.[2] He retired from the board at the 1873 election.[3]

Wikipedia page [1] refers.


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