Edmund Hope Verney (6 April 1838 – 8 May 1910), known as Sir Edmund Hope Verney, 3rd Baronet from 1894, was a naval officer and Liberal Party politician.

He was was the eldest son of Sir Harry Verney, and following education at Harrow School he entered the Royal Navy in 1851, later serving with the coastguard and retiring with the rank of captain in 1884.

Active in Liberal politics, he won a seat in the House of Commons on his fourth attempt in 1885 as MP for Buckingham. He lost the seat at the 1886 general election but regained it at a by-election in 1889.

In the same year he was elected to the London County Council as a Progressive Party councillor representing Lambeth, Brixton.

His political career came when he was arrested in April 1891 for procuring a girl under 21 years of age for immoral purposes.[1] He resigned his seat on the county council and was expelled from the Commons in May 1891, following his guilty plea and imprisonment.[2][3]


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