Sir Edmund Hay Currie (28 December 1834 - 10 May 1913) was a businessman, philanthropist and educationist.

The second son of Leonard Currie and Caroline Christina née Hay of Bromley, he was educated at Harrow School.

When the first London School Board was created in 1870 he was elected as one of the representatives of Tower Hamlets. He held the seat at the next school board election in 1873, and was vice chairman of the school board from 1873-76.

Active in the Liberal Party, he unsuccessfully sought election to the House of Commons in 1874.

In 1879 he was briefly a member of the Metropolitan Board of Works, representing St Luke Middlesex Vestry

He was knighted in 1876 on his resignation from the school board. However he was later to return to the board from 1882–85 and from 1888-90.

He also held the post of vice-chairman of the Metropolitan Asylums Board. From 1882-89 he was chairman of the People’s Palace Trustees.

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