Richard Walter Hely-Hutchinson (2 March 1875 – 19 October 1948) was a Conservative Party politician, known as Viscount Suirdale until 1900 when he succeeded his father as 6th Earl of Donoughmore.

He was briefly a member of the London School Board, co-opted to fill a casual vacancy in the representation of Marylebone in April 1903, he resigned in October of the same year on being appointed to government.

He was Under-Secretary of State for War from 1903 to 1905 in the government of Arthur Balfour. From 1911 to 1931 he was Lord Chairman of Committees (or deputy speaker) of the House of Lords. In 1921 he was elected to the short-lived Senate of Southern Ireland.

He was associated with King Edward VII's Hospital for Officers from 1921, becoming chair of the management committee in 1925.

He divided his time between London, where he had a flat in Sloane Street, Chelsea, his country house near Sandwich, Kent and his Irish estate near Clonmel, County Tipperary. He died at his Irish home, aged 73.


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