Henry Pelham Archibald Douglas Pelham-Clinton, 7th Duke of Newcastle-under-Lyme (28 September 1864 – 30 May 1928) was an English nobleman, styled Earl of Lincoln until 1879.

He was a prominent High Church Anglican, and it was in this capacity that he was approached to fill a vacancy occurred in the representation of the City of London on the London School Board in 1894. He was co-opted on 25 October 1894, and held the seat at the school board elections in November 1894. He has experienced poor health since a childhood fall, and resigned from the board in 1897, and retired from public life.[1]

He took a special interest in the building of the new church of All Saints Margaret Street in 1850-1859. He gave a number of donations towards the building of the Gothic revival church which was designed by William Butterfield, an architect associated the Oxford Movement.[1][2] His funeral was held there prior to his burial in Eton.[1]

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