Lieutenant-Colonel Dawson Cornelius Greene (24 July 1822 - 28 January 1897) was a British Army officer and landowner.

He was the oldest son of Thomas Greene, MP for Lancaster, and Henrietta, third daughter of Sir Charles Russell, Baronet. Greene was born in Whittington, near Kirkby Lonsdale, Lancashire, in north west England, where his father was a major landowner. He obtained a commission in the 43rd (Monmouthshire) Light Infantry in 1840, rising to the rank of major by 1855. During the Crimean War Greene served with one of the infantry regiments of the Turkish contingent. His uniform is now displayed in the National Army Museum.[1] He retired from the army with the brevet rank of lieutenant-colonel in 1873.[2] He moved to London, and settled in Chester Square in the Belgravia district of Westminster. He was an active member of the Church of England and a churchwarden for the parish of St Michael, Chester Square.[3]

From 1876 to 1879 Greene was a member of the London School Board, representing Westminster.[4]

Some genealogical information here [1] and a costume here [2].


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