Dalby Williams (16 August 1857-15 January 1933) was a businessman and local politician.

Born in Limehouse, he was the son a lighterman, William Williams and Ann née Flyger. He was originally employed as a lighterman himself until he started his own business. He was a licensed victualler, running the Gun Hotel in Wapping before he established his a business as a coal merchant.

He was elected as a Moderate Party member of the London County Council to represent Tower Hamlets, st George's in the East in 1895. At the next election in 1898 he lost the seat. He sought re-election to the county council in 1901 at Tower Hamlets, Limehouse but finished bottom of the poll.

The London County Council had briefly run a loss-making ferry service along the River Thames. This was closed down in 1907 after just two years and the boats offered for sale. Most of the ships were bought by the City Steamboat Company in 1909, and Williams became a director. His association with the company was brief and he gave up his directorship at the first annual meeting in December 1910. The company's services ceased at the outbreak of war in 1914.

In later years he lived in Croydon, describing himself as a commission agent.

Mention here [1] and here [2].

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