(John Chissell) Cuthbert Wilkinson (1854 - 20 June 1918) was a printer, publisher and local politician.

Born in Nottingham, he was the son of John Chissell Wilkinson, a printer. By 1871 his father's family had moved to Camberwell and he was employed as a grocers' assistant. By 1876, when he married Rosa Cromwell, he was living in Lewisham. In 1881 he was a grocer and living in Penge, but by 1891 he had succeeded his father as a newspaper proprietor.

A resident of Sydenham, he was a member of the Common Council of the Corporation of London for Faringdon Without and sat as a Municipal Reform Party member of the London County Council representing Camberwell, Dulwich from 1913 until his death.

First Master of the Guild of Freemen of the City of London 1909

His daughter, Florence Mary Ruston, (born 1884) was also a member of the London County Council from 1949-58.

External linksEdit

An image on the Guild of Freemen website [1]; as a founder member some details here [2].

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