East London Edit

Crossing Type Co-ordinates Date opened Notes
Docklands Light Railway tunnel Rail tunnel 2009 Between King George V and Woolwich Arsenal stations
Woolwich foot tunnel Pedestrian tunnel 1912
Woolwich Free Ferry Vehicle ferry 1889
Thames Barrier Flood barrier with pedestrian tunnel 1984 Service tunnel accessible by authorised personnel only
Emirates Air Line Gondola lift 2012
Millennium Dome electricity cable tunnel Utility tunnel 1999[1] Accessible by authorised personnel only
Jubilee line tunnels Rail tunnel 1999 Between North Greenwich and Canning Town
Blackwall Tunnel (eastern) Road tunnel 1967 For southbound vehicular traffic only
Blackwall Tunnel (western) Road tunnel 1897 For northbound vehicular traffic only
Jubilee line tunnels Rail tunnel 1999 Between Canary Wharf and North Greenwich
Greenwich foot tunnel Pedestrian tunnel 1902
Docklands Light Railway tunnel Rail tunnel 1999 Between Island Gardens and Cutty Sark
Jubilee line tunnels Rail tunnel 1999 Between Canada Water and Canary Wharf
Canary Wharf – Rotherhithe Ferry Passenger ferry
Rotherhithe Tunnel Road tunnel 1908 Single carriageway in each direction, with footways on each side. Built originally for horse-drawn carriages. Pedestrians, riders, cyclists are permitted, but advised to use alternatives due to fumes and speed.
Thames Tunnel Rail tunnel (formerly pedestrian tunnel) 1843 The world's first underwater tunnel, linking Wapping to Rotherhithe; now part of the London Overground network

Proposed or under constructionEdit

Central London Edit

Crossing Type Co-ordinates Date opened Notes
Tower Bridge Road bridge 1894
Tower Subway Utility tunnel 1870 Formerly an underground railway - now used for water mains and telephone cables and accessible only by authorised personnel
Northern line (City branch) tunnels Rail tunnel 1900 Between London Bridge and Bank
London Bridge Road bridge 1973 Other bridges have stood on or near this site since around AD 50
City & South London Railway tunnels Disused rail tunnel 1890 This railway's original crossing of the river between Borough Station and King William Street Station; abandoned in 1900 when the Northern line City branch tunnels were opened on a new alignment
Cannon Street Railway Bridge Rail bridge 1982
Southwark Bridge Road bridge 1921
Millennium Bridge Pedestrian bridge 2000
Blackfriars Railway Bridge Rail bridge 1886
Blackfriars Bridge Road bridge 1869
Waterloo & City line tunnels Rail tunnel 1898 Between Waterloo and Bank
Waterloo Bridge Road bridge 1945
Northern line (Charing Cross branch) tunnels Rail tunnel 1926 Between Waterloo and Embankment
Hungerford Bridge and Golden Jubilee Bridges Rail and pedestrian bridges 1864 and 2002 Rail bridge flanked by newer pedestrian bridges
Bakerloo line tunnels Rail tunnel 1906 Between Waterloo and Embankment
Jubilee line tunnels Rail tunnel 1999 Between Waterloo and Westminster
Westminster Bridge Road bridge 1862
Lambeth Bridge Road bridge 1932
Vauxhall Bridge Road bridge 1906
Victoria line tunnels Rail tunnel 1971 Between Vauxhall and Pimlico
Battersea steam tunnel Utility tunnel 20th century Between Battersea and Pimlico is a single tunnel carrying four pipes, two 30" Thames Water mains and two 11" pipes feeding the Pimlico District Heating system, originally powered by Battersea Power Station.(Citation needed)
Battersea exhaust tunnels Utility tunnel 20th century Between Battersea and either side of Victoria are two tunnels. Tunnels are labelled 'A' and 'B'; A splits further to become 'C' under Ranelagh Gardens.(Citation needed)
Grosvenor Bridge Rail bridge 1859 Also known as Victoria Railway Bridge


  • At least two Emergency Thames Bridges were erected as a precaution against enemy action during World War II. The first of these bridges was built from Victoria Embankment to County Hall and was constructed in 1942 [5] before being demolished in 1948.[6] The second such bridge was constructed at Millbank outside the Tate Britain in 1942 [7] before also being dismantled in 1948.[8]

Planned Edit

South West London Edit

Crossing Type Co-ordinates Date opened Notes
Chelsea Bridge Road bridge 1937
Albert Bridge Road bridge 1873
Battersea Bridge Road bridge 1890 Replaced an earlier bridge, opened in 1771
Battersea Railway Bridge Rail bridge 1863 West London Line. Also called the Cremorne Bridge.
Wandsworth Bridge Road bridge 1938
Fulham Railway Bridge Rail and pedestrian bridge 1889
Putney Bridge Road bridge 1886 Replaced an earlier bridge, known as Fulham Bridge, opened in 1729
Hammersmith Bridge Road bridge 1887
Barnes Railway Bridge Rail and pedestrian bridge 1849
Chiswick Bridge Road bridge 1933
Kew Railway Bridge Rail bridge 1869
Kew Bridge Road bridge 1903
Richmond Lock and Footbridge Lock with pedestrian bridge 1894
Twickenham Bridge Road bridge 1933
Richmond Railway Bridge Rail bridge 1848
Richmond Bridge Road bridge 1777
Hammerton's Ferry Passenger ferry 1909 From Marble Hill House (Twickenham) to Ham House (Ham)
Teddington Lock Footbridges Pedestrian bridges 1889
Kingston Railway Bridge Rail bridge 1863
Kingston Bridge Road bridge 1828
Hampton Court Bridge Road bridge 1933 From Hampton Court to East Molesey
Hampton Ferry Passenger ferry 1519 From Hampton to Hurst Park, East Molesey

Planned Edit

For a full list see the Wikipedia page [1]


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