Hon. Conrad Adderly Dillon  (2 September 1845 - 4 November 1901) was a civil servant and educationist.

The second son of Viscount Dillon and his wife Ellen née Adderly, he entered the Royal Military College at Sandhurst, seeking to become an officer in the army. However he developed what was called "atrophy of the nerves" causing him to become lame, and he left the college.

Instead he became a clerk in the Probate Division of the High Court of Justice, rising to be chief clerk.

He was also involved in the temperance movement and was one-time chairman of the National Temperance League and an organiser of the Army Temperance Society.

He was twice a member of the London School Board: he was elected a representative for Lambeth in 1882 but lost his seat in 1885. He returned to the board in May 1887 when he was co-opted to fill a casual vacancy in the representation of Finsbury, holding the seat until 1888.

His medical condition continued to worsen during his life, and he was eventually almost completely paralysed. He died at his Sussex home in 1901, aged 56.


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