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Clifford Probyn in robes as Sheriff of London, from "The Graphic", 12 November 1898

Clifford Probyn
(1842 - 10 February 1918) was a local politician and volunteer army officer in the Westminster area.[1][2]

Born in Monmouthshire,[2] he moved to London, becoming a partner in Probyn and Company, wholesale chemists and druggists, manufacturers of India Rubber goods and mineral waters.[3]

In 1874 he obtained a commission in the 22nd Middlesex Rifle Volunteer Corps.[4] He eventually rose to become commanding officer of the unit, which became known as the Queen's Westminster Rifles, with the rank of lieutenant-colonel.

He was active in local politics: as a Moderate Party member of the London County Council elected 1889, 1892, 1895 1898; Municipal Reform Party member 1901 1904 1907 1910 1913 representing Strand.[1] He held the office of Deputy Chairman of the county council in 1905–1906.

He was also a member of the School Board for London representing Westminster from 1885-1888.

In 1898 he was Sheriff of the City of London.[5]

He was chairman of the vestry of St Martin in the Fields,[6] and subsequently a member of Westminster City Council, and was Mayor of Westminster in 1901-1902.[1]

Another picture here [1] and mention here [2].


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