Clement Young Sturge (1860 - 23 July 1911) was a barrister and local politician.

The youngest son of William Sturge of Bristol, he was educated at Trinity College, Oxford, later studying modern history and political science at the École Libres des Sciences Politiques, Paris and the Universities of Berlin and Tübingen.

He worked as a newspaper correspondent in Germany and Austria, before returning to England, where he was called to the bar in 1891.

A resident of Westminster, in 1900 he was elected a Moderate Party member of the London School Board representing the area. When the school board was abolished in 1904, he was elected to the London County Council, again representing Westminster, becoming a leading member of the Municipal Reform Party which took control of the council in 1907. He was re-elected twice, and was a member of the council on his death, aged 51, at his home in Bloomberg Street.

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