Charles Thompson Beresford-Hope (1855- 21 July 1906) was a barrister and local politician active in the Kensington area.

He was the youngest son of the Rt. Hon. Sir Alexander James Beresford Hope, a prominent Conservative Party member of parliament.

He was a candidate at the first election to the London County Council in 1889 as a councillor for the two-member Lambeth, Brixton Division, but finished in third place. He successfully submitted a petition unseating one of successful opponents, Lady Sandhurst, the court finding that, as a woman, she was ineligible to take her seat. he was therefore deemed elected in her place, taking his seat as a Moderate Party councillor.[1] He was, however, defeated at the next county council election in 1892.

He returned to the county council when he won a by-election in the representation of Kensington South in February 1893. he held the seat at the 1895 election, but resigned in November of the following year.

He died at his home at Gledhow Gardens, South Kensington, aged 50.[2]


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