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Charles Hallyburton Campbell (c.1827-30 January 1911) was a civil servant in India and a local politician in Kensington.[1][2]

Born in Scotland, Campbell was the younger brother of Sir George Campbell, sometime Lieutenant-Governor of Bengal and Liberal Party member of parliament.[1] In 1845 he joined the Indian Civil Service, rising to be Commissioner of Revenue and Circuit by 1872, when he returned to the United Kingdom.[1]

He was elected to Kensington Vestry and to its successor body, the Kensington Borough Council.[1] When the London County Council was created in 1889 he was elected as one of two Moderate Party councillors representing Kensington South.[3] He was re-elected on four occasions, retiring from the council in 1904.[4][5][6][7] He was a prominent member of the county council's finance committee, where he applied his experience of colonial administration.[1]

He died at his Cromwell Road home in January 1911, aged 84.[1]


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