The armorial bearings of the Reverend Charles Darby Reade

Reverend Charles Darby Reade (16 March 1820 -1908) was a Church of England clergyman and local politician.

The third son of John Reade of Holbrook House, Suffolk, a member of Madras Civil Service, he was educated at Harrow School and Magdalen Hall, Oxford before being ordained as a deacon in 1847 and as a priest in 1849 and became rector of Stow Bedon, Norfolk in 1850.

He moved to Kensington in London, where he became rector of St John's Church, Holland Road, and a leading member of various local authorities: chairmen of the Kensington Board of Guardians and Kensington Vestry and from 1873-1879 one of the members of the London School Board representing the Chelsea Division (which included Kensington). He was subsequently a member of the Metropolitan Asylums Board.

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