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Charles Courtenay Cramp (1850-1932).

Born in Bermondsey, Cramp became the director of a number of tramway companies throughout the United Kingdom, and in 1889 was managing director of the Croydon Tramways Company. A resident of Shepherd's Bush in Hammersmith, Cramp became involved in Conservative and Unionist politics at a local level.

When the first elections to the London County Council were held he was elected as a councillor representing Hammersmith. He was described as an Independent Conservative and took his seat as a member of the Conservative-backed opposition Moderate Party. It was noted in May 1890 that Cramp had the poorest attendance at council meetings of any member. He served a single three-year term, standing down from the county council at the 1892 election.

In 1894 he was elected as a "Moderate" to Hammersmith Vestry. In November 1900 he was selected by the local Conservative association to contest elections to the newly-constituted Hammersmith Borough Council which replaced the vestry, and was elected as Moderate councillor, one of six representing the borough's No.5 Ward.

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