Lieutenant-Colonel the Honourable Cecil John Hubbard (6 September 1846 - 10 March 1926) was twice a member of the London School Board: he was elected as one of the representatives of Hackney in 1894 as a member of the Moderate Party or "Diggleites". He was defeated at the next school board election in 1897. He returned briefly to the board three years later: he was co-opted to fill a vacancy in the representation of Lambeth West in May 1900 but did not defend the seat when triennial school board elections were held in November of the same year.

He was the third son of John Gellibrand Hubbard, 1st Baron Addington. He pursued a military career, reaching the rank of lieutenant-colonel in the Grenadier Guards.

Mention here [1] and here [2].

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