Born 23 May 1892 died 12 April 1985.

Leader of the London County Council opposition 1929-30, Deputy Chairman LCC 1931 – 1932.

Labour Party member of the London County Council representing Camberwell North, elected 1922 1925 1928 1931 (resigned 1 July 1932) 1937-46, 1946.

Member Metropolitan Borough Councils: Wandsworth, 1919–22; Camberwell, 1931–53 (Mayor, 1951–53); Member, Shepton Mallet UDC, 1954–68 (Chairman 1967–68)

Fought in WWI, during which he lost his right arm.

He also served as Mayor of Camberwell 1951-53.

1944-50 Member of Parliament for Camberwell North.


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