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Burdett Road railway station was a railway station on Burdett Road, Mile End, London.

It was located on the London and Blackwall Extension Railway which linked the London and Blackwall Railway (L&BR) from Fenchurch Street at Stepney with the Eastern Counties Railway (ECR) and London, Tilbury and Southend Railway at Bow. It was jointly owned by the L&BR and ECR, and opened on 11 September 1871.

It remained open for nearly 70 years, but with the nearby Mile End Station proving much more popular, and the demands placed on the railway system by the Second World War, the station was closed on 21 April 1941 and never re-opened. The surrounding area was heavily redeveloped after the war to make way for Mile End Park, and today little trace remains of the station - the westbound platform space survives but is derelict.