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Bow railway station was a railway station in Bowon the North London Railway, between Old Ford and South Bromley. It was situated on the north side of Bow Road, very close to Bow Road railway station, which is now also closed.

The original station opened in 1850 but was replaced by a much grander station in 1870, which incorporated a concert hall, 100 feet (30.5 m) long and 40 feet (12.2 m) wide. The station was served not only by the North London Railway but also by Great Eastern Railway trains to Fenchurch Street and a shuttle service to Plaistow.

The North London Railway was severely damaged by bomb damage in the Blitz and the line east of Dalston Junction was closed in 1944 and never re-opened to passengers. The station buildings remained in uses as a parcel office until it was closed in 1965. After being left run-down the station was finally demolished when the Docklands Light Railway was built, reusing the NLR line. Today, the station site is occupied by a car hire firm; directly across the road lies Bow Church Station.

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