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Beddington Lane railway station was a small single-platform station on the West Croydon to Wimbledon Line. It was situated in a semi-rural location the nearest major neighbourhoods were Beddington and Mitcham.

After the Surrey Iron Railway went out of business in 1846 the a new railway was built on the site by the Wimbledon and Croydon Railway who opened on the station on 22 October 1855. It was originally named Beddington but was renamed in January 1887 to Beddington Lane. In 1919 it became Beddington Lane Halt, but reverted to Beddington Lane on 5 May 1969.

The station and the others on the line were closed after the last train ran on 31 May 1997. Beddington Lane tram stop was built on its site.

The station to the west was Mitcham Junction Station, and to the east was Waddon Marsh Halt railway station.

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