Beaumont Moore Morice (c.1850 - 2 May 1937) was a barrister and educationist.

The son of Captain Lewis Morice of Erith, he was educated at Southampton and University College London qualifying with a law degree. he was called to the bar at the Middle Temple in 1877.

He served as Treasury counsel for the Royal Mint at the Central Criminal Court.

In 1898 he stood for election to the London County Council as a Progressive Party candidate at Fulham, without success. He also made four attempts to enter parliament as a Liberal Party candidate but failed to be elected.

He was briefly a member of the London School Board, co-opted to fill a casual vacancy at Lambeth West in December 1902. The board was abolished in 1904. He was also a member of Erith School Board.

In 1895 he was appointed recorder of Hythe in Kent. In 1914 he left London to become a stipendiary magistrate in Bradford, holding the post until 1934. He died there three years later.

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