(Lucy) Audrey Lees (née Lynam) (7 September 1906 - 2006).

Born in Oxford, she was the daughter of Alfred Edward Lynam and Mabel Agnes née Woods. Her father was a tutor and assistant schoolmaster at a preparatory school.

In 1938 she married Stanley Lawrence Lees (1911–80) in Westminster. The couple moved to Putney.

In 1952 she was elected to the London County Council as a Labour Party councillor representing Hammersmith South. In 1955 the electoral divisions of the county council were altered to align with new parliamentary boundaries, and she stood for election at Barons Court. There was a very close election for the three seats: her two Labour colleagues were successful, but she came fourth, 4 votes behind a Conservative Party candidate. At the next county council election in 1958 she was easily elected and managed to hold her seat at the 1961 election by 50 votes. This was to be the last election to the London County Council, and she remained a member until its abolition in 1965.

She died, aged 100, in 2006.

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