Arthur Humphrey (26 April 1862 - 8 January 1916) was a trade unionist and politician.

Born in Ridgewell, Essex, he was the son of Daniel Humphrey and Ellen née Choat. Both his parents worked as agricultural labourers. At the age of nine his family moved to the north of England and he worked in a tin mill as a boy. His family moved once more to Cambridgeshire, and he was employed as a coprolite miner.

He moved to Chingford, and became a navvie helping to build the Great Eastern Railway. Following the completion of the railway he was employed at Millwall Docks, still aged only 15. He spent the next twelve years working for various building contractors and lived in Poplar and Bromley in the East End of London.

He married Catherine Cross in November 1881.

In 1889 he helped form the Navvies', Bricklayers' Labourers' and General Labourers' Union on its foundation in 1889, and was its first general secretary. The union was involved in a nuber of industrial actions, and Humphrey played a prominent role in the London Dock Strike of 1889.

In 1895 he was elected as a Labour Progressive Party member of the London County Council representing Hackney South. He served a single three-year term on the county council, stepping down in 1898.

By 1901 he had moved to Little Ilford in the Borough of East Ham and was the landlord of a public house. By 1911 he was the landlord of the Angel Inn, Roehampton.

He died at Guy's Hospital in 1916 aged 53.

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