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Portrait as Chairman of the London County Council from "The Graphic", 16 March 1895.

Sir (Robert) Arthur Arnold (28 May 1833 – 20 May 1902) was a Liberal Party politician and author.[1][2]

Educated privately and trained as a surveyor and land agent, in 1861 he was involved in the surveying operations prior to the construction of the Thames Embankment.[3]

In 1867 he married Amelia Elizabeth Hyde of County Cork. They had no children. His wife was a campaigner for women's suffrage and a prominent public figure in her own right.[2]

From 1880-85 he was member of parliament for Salford, Lancashire.

On the creation of the London County Council in 1889, Arnold was elected as a county alderman, and was chairman of the council from 1895 - 1897.[1] He was knighted in 1895. He was also a Deputy Lieutenant and Justice of the Peace for the County of London.[1]

He died at his home in Kensington in May 1902, aged 68.

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