Arnold Whitaker Oxford (1854 - 30 May 1948) was a Church of England clergyman who later pursued a medical career.

He was educated at Bristol Grammar School and Christ Church, Oxford, graduating in 1876. He was ordained as a priest in 1878. After holding a number of curacies, he was appointed vicar of St Luke's, Berwick Street, Westminster in 1883. in 1886 he published a collection of hymns: The Berwick Hymnal. The preface to the book revealed his extremely liberal theology and he was accused of having Unitarian or secularist leanings. He was elected as a "Progressive" member of the London School Board representing Westminster in 1888, running on a policy of ending sectarian divisions in education. He lost his seat in 1891, but regained it in 1894.

In 1899 he was appointed vicar of St Philips's, Regent Street. The church was demolished in 1904, by which time he had became disillusioned with his position as a clergyman. He eventually took up medicine, obtaining a medical degree and became a governor of Charing Cross Hospital.

He was also a noted collector and bibliographer of cookery books, authoring Notes from a collector's catalogue with a bibliography of English cookery books (1909) and English cookery books to the year 1850 (1913).

Mention here [1].

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