This is an alphabetical list of members of the London School Board


Name Division represented
Mary Bridges Adams Greenwich 1897-1904
Percy Alden Lambeth West 1903-1904
Joseph Angus Marylebone 1870-1873, 1876-1882, 1894-1897
Edward Bibbins Aveling Westminster 1882-1884


Name Division represented
Joseph Bardsley Tower Hamlets 1873-1879
William Barker Marylebone 1882-1888
Edmund Barnes Marylebone 1885-1904
Alfred Barry Westminster 1870-1876
Joseph Seymour Bartlett Lambeth West 1902-1904
Richard Bartram Finsbury 1894-1895
Edric Bayley Southwark 1885-1891
Leicester Paul Beaufort Greenwich 1888-1889
Francis Cotter Beckley Tower Hamlets 1900-1904
Brymer Belcher Westminster 1879-1885
William Lees Bell Southwark 1885-1888
John Bennett City of London 1872-1873, 1876-1879
Southwark 1885-1888
Henry Berkeley Chelsea 1879-1882
Annie Besant Tower Hamlets 1888-1891
Llewelyn David Bevan Marylebone 1873-1876
Thomas J Bevan junior Hackney 1882-1885
Sydney Black Chelsea 1900-1903
William Blackmore Greenwich 1889-1897
Edward Bond Tower Hamlets 1882
Marylebone 1882-1884
William Henry Bonnewell City of London 1879-1882
William Roston Bourke Finsbury 1882-1897
William Bousfield Chelsea 1882-1888
Charles Bowden Finsbury 1897-1900
William Copeland Bowie Southwark 1888-1900
Hackney 1903-1904
Arthur Gerald Bowman Westminster 1888-1891
Reginald Arthur Bray Chelsea 1903-1904
William Clive Bridgeman Hackney 1897-1904
Richard Rhodes Bristow Greenwich 1885-1888, 1889-1897
George Charles Brodrick Westminster 1877-1879
Charles Edward Brooke Lambeth 1882-1885
Lambeth East 1885-1888
Thomas Henry Brooke-Hitching City of London 1900-1904
William Francis Brown Southwark 1897-1904
George Barclay Bruce Marylebone 1882-1885
George Lewis Bruce Tower Hamlets 1891-1897, 1900-1904
Edmund Buckley Southwark 1888-1894
James Samuel Burroughes Westminster 1882-1888
Sydney Buxton Westminster 1876-1882
Francis William Buxton City of London 1899-1904
Edward North Buxton Tower Hamlets 1870-1888


Name Division represented
John Charles Carlile Southwark 1891-1897
John Cator Marylebone 1899-1900
Evelyn Cecil Marylebone 1894-1899
John Henry Chapman Chelsea 1888-1891
Spencer Calmeyer Charrington Tower Hamlets 1879-1882
Thomas Chatfeild-Clarke Finsbury 1870-1876
Jane Agnes Chessar Marylebone 1873-1876
Francis Storer Clark Greenwich 1897-1904
George Benson Clough Chelsea 1891-1897
Lord Colchester Westminster 1891-1894
George Collins Greenwich 1888-1891
Thomas Collins Marylebone 1876-1879
Charles Augustus Vansittart Conybeare Finsbury 1888-1890
Alfred George Cook Finsbury 1888-1891
William Arthur Corbett Southwark 1889-1891
Edward Crawford Corry Southwark 1879-1882
Benjamin Francis Conn Costelloe Tower Hamlets 1897-1899
William James Richmond Cotton City of London 1870-1879
Alice Cowell Marylebone 1873-1876
John James Coxhead Marylebone 1876-1882, 1885-1904
Samuel Cresswell Lambeth West 1900-1904
John Gabriel Cromwell Chelsea 1870-1876
James Hiscutt Crossman Hackney 1870-1873
William Cuff Hackney 1888-1891
Edmund Hay Currie Tower Hamlets 1888-1890
Hubert Curtis Lambeth West 1888-1891



















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