Alfred Ordway Goodrich (26 May 1862 - 18 October 1936) was a businessman and local politician.

Born in Whitechapel in 1862, he was the son of Edmund Richard Goodrich and his wife Susannah Esther née Ordway.[1] He entered business as a wholesale oilman and produce merchant.[2][3] In 1888 he married Charlotte Woollven.[4]

In March 1902 he entered local politics when he was elected to the London County Council, winning a seat for the Municipal Reform Party at a by-election at Mile End.[5] He lost the seat at the council elections of the following year, but was able to rejoin the council when a further by-election was held at Stepney in March 1905.[6] He remained a member of the council until 1928: as a councillor for Stepney until 1919, for Mile End from 1919 to 1922, and as an alderman from 1922.[7] He served as Vice Chairman of the council in 1914-1915.[8]

He died at his home in Buckhust Hill, Essex, in October 1936, aged 74.[9]


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