Alfred Hoare (4 November 1850 - 6 November 1938) was a banker, philanthropist and politician.[1][2]

The fifth son of Henry Hoare, banker, Alfred was educated at Eton College and St John's College, Cambridge. Although qualified as a medical practitioner he entered his family business, Hoare's Bank.[1][2] He became a partner in the bank in 1882, retiring in 1925.[3] In 1881 he married Beatrix Pollard Bond, and the couple had five children.[1]

Hoare took an interest in the social conditions of London, and founded the Tenement Dwellings Company, which constructed housing for the working classes. He was chairman of the company for 52 years.[1]

In 1888 the Local Government Act created an elected London County Council, and Hoare was approached to stand as a candidate.[4] He agreed and was duly elected in January 1889 as one of two councillors representing Finsbury (Holborn). He took his seat as a member of the Moderate Party, which was allied to the parliamentary Conservative Party and formed the opposition group on the council.[5] At the next county council election in 1892 he ran as an independent candidate, but failed to hold his seat.[6] He remained on the council however, as he was elected a county alderman at the first meeting of the new council, nominated by the Moderates.[7] Re-elected to the aldermanic bench in 1898, he resigned from the council in November 1899.[8][9] During his time on the council he served as chairman of the Finance Committee.[1]

In 1915 Hoare published An Italian Dictionary.[1][10]

He died two days after his 88th birthday at his home in Charlwood near East Grinstead.[1]


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