Alfred Abram Berney (12 October 1899 -12 June 1982) was a Cricklewood-based auctioneer, justice of the peace and Conservative Party politician. He served as a member of Middlesex County Council representing Willesden, Cricklewood electoral division from 1952 until the county council's abolition in 1965.

He presented a plaque to mark the abolition of the county council to St Mary's Church, Willesden, in March 1965.[1]

The Middlesex County Council was replaced by the Greater London Council, and Berney was a candidate to represent the London Borough of Brent (which included Willesden]] at the first GLC election in 1964. Defeated on that occasion, he was elected to the GLC in 1967, holding his seat until 1973, when he was defeated at Brent East by his Labour Party opponent.

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